Greta Sebestyen is the founder of Visionflower. After 6 years of working as a professional in marketing and building connections online as a lifestyle blogger, she decided to use her expertise to help creative professionals build and grow their businesses. Her belief is that being true to our nature and our self-values is the only way to reach success in business sustainably. Her coaching and brand development services help individuals cultivate their unique gifts and share them with the world in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling.

International community

Gréta was born and raised in Hungary, but she works with international clients from all over the world.

Comprehensive expertise

When it comes to reaching goals, Greta helps with a holistic approach based on how the human brain works.

Proven methods

Gréta uses academic methods and frameworks when supporting your development.

All you can immagine is real.


There are many factors to consider when running a business. Based on my experience, the leader’s thinking determines everything. So when someone comes to me for help, this is the first thing we deal with.

Business management is a profession. As a beginner, you get used to working on your business with time, but it is often difficult to overcome obstacles. There are many things to watch out for. Moreover, as an individual entrepreneur, one can easily become lonely. Sometimes it’s good to share our successes, difficulties or decision situations with someone. I am here to support you in these situations with my perspective and expertise.

In relation to businesses, I received the most questions related to customer satisfaction and the acquisition of new partners. This is where marketing communication comes into play. A well-structured communication direction gives the dynamics of sales. You can also contact me for advice in these areas, as my passion is creative and self-identified online communication, and I also have several years of experience in branding.