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How To Feel Connected Being A Creative Business Owner?

How To Feel Connected Being A Creative Business Owner?

The need to feel connected as a creative business owner is normal. Being new to business can come with the feeling of disconnection and separation. This can come alongside looking for approval and support from outside resources such as friends. We can often meet with a lack of support and misunderstanding and we get scared and distracted by negative opinions. We can solve this by bringing awareness, getting the things in our hands and reaching out to the right people, opening up for new friendships. Building new connections come along with successful business development.

Hello creative entreprenuer,

If you feel alone, you are in the right place.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with you.

Why do we feel alone as new business owners?

When You start to think about a business, that requires a new perspective It becomes part of your life and becomes to be more important than other things.

This means You will need to make space for it, it becomes one of the most interesting things for you in your life.

It is normal to feel the need to share your ideas and new perspectives, things that interest you with others. But for them, It is not as important as for you.

That is normal because this is after all your idea and your business.

It comes to a point where they won’t be able to resonate with it. You become a bit distant with your ideas.

It can also happen that they do not support you.

Why do your old friends and family not support your new business?

It can come from overprotection.

It is common sense that we want to protect our loved ones from failure and risks.

This is one of our duties as a family or friend.

Take their support as it is. But do not accept advice from someone who is not aiming to go to the same place as you.

Your loved ones have a different role in your life than business friends and colleagues.

Reach out and build connections to people who can understand you and help you in a forward way.

Join business groups, build connections through social media or hire a coach/mentor.

It can come from closed-mindedness.

Running a business is not for everybody.

It requires taking risks and thinking out of the box.

People who are not meant to start a business, will not be able to envision things outside of their used routines.

This does not mean they can not ever exist. Or that You can not make new things happen and come to life.

It simply means They would not be able to make them happen. They can’t imagine it happening.

This is when you need to believe in your own plans.

What you can imagine is all real.

You are the only one who is responsible for making things in your mind happen.


How to come over the feeling of disconnection?

Remember your friends and family are not your target audience.

You probably feel the need to feel connected because you need to search for new creative contacts.

You will need to build a target audience and do research in order to get a picture of who can you help.

When someone does not like your idea about a new service, it simply means, they are not the right person.

Do not give up.

Be the leader of your business. Take the action into your hands.

Keep searching, keep peeking, keep modifying and experimenting to gain information about how to position yourself and your services so you can start seeing success.

Meanwhile, reach out to people who are in the same place as their business and build business besties. Also, reach out to people who can be idols for you and ask them for advice.

Building connections is something that is always mutually beneficial.

Conclusion on how To Feel Connected Being A Creative Business Owner

Opening up is tough, but you do not need to do everything alone. You can reach out and connect with others who are experiencing the same things as you. There are others who understand what you’re going through, who’ve been there before, and who can see things from your perspective. You are on the right track, keep going.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you have any methods to skip the feeling of disconnection?

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