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How to help others if you feel you know “nothing”?

How to help and share value if you feel you know nothing? After many years of gaining experience and learning it is time to open up and give.

After years of learning and helping others, I still feel I know nothing. How could I help others? – Should I attend one more course just in case? “- This is something my clients often to ask me.

The more you know the more questions you have.

Questioning what you know means you stepped on the road of opening up your mind to new sights, knowledge and directions.

A need to learn more is a sign that you like to challenge your mind. While learning, new connections are building in your brain.

This kind of growth is essential for a creative professional.

Stepping on your own path is different for everybody. It usually starts with a lot of learning and input.

At one point you need to make way for the inputs as well. So your knowledge and energy have a way to find others.

If you enjoy learning that is a good sign of being curious. Curiosity helps us to develop and live longer lives. (It keeps the mind fresh.)

It is a good thing to keep learning until we are dead.

Contantly learning should not take the time from outputs and giving to others. Share the things you already have inside you with others!

This is why attending a course and getting a mentor is different.

A course will help you to develop in many ways but mostly widens your knowledge.

A mentor will also help you to give this value on to others.

When you choose to give value through a business you will need systems that support you in giving away content/value.

It is scary to shift from one to the other. – Receiving and giving.

These channels run through you. And as you value the received, the more value you can pair with what you give out.

Make the knowledge, energy and experience that runs through you a highly valued treasure.

The received and the given ones too.

This is how you elevate the quality of your business and also your life.

Should I attend one more course?

You have probably already invested much time and energy into courses.

If you ask this question, it means you realised the possibility that you need to change something.

My advice would be…

Keep learning if you find joy in it, but also start giving too.

Ask yourself:

How can I pass on the knowledge I received so far?

How can I share my takeaways, insights, and inventions with others?

Shift your perspective and become aware of how can you help others right in this very moment.


How do you help your friends, and loved ones already?

You already have what it takes to help others.