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How to overcome procrastination and move forward in 3 stages

As creative professionals, we often find it hard to overcome procrastination. Here we learn about 3 stages to overcome it. Procrastination means you have the will to act and do things but you face a block. This is also why we can not miss procrastination with being lazy. A lazy person does not have the will to do things while a procrastinator actually has the urge to act but finds it hard.

There can be three reasons procrastination happens. Recognizing these reasons will already help to see what you face is valid and there are ways to overcome it.

Procrastination can typically be caused by three things.

  1. One is that the task is too big and in this case you have to break it down.
  2. The other is that you can’t decide what exactly you want from the options, so you start looking around. But really you should just choose one and change it later if it’s not good.
  3. The third is that You don’t really want to do it all because it’s not Your own goal. Someone from outside expects it. In this case, you have to go back to the roots of why you’re doing all this and what you want.

These three causes that cause procrastination to connect to three different areas of our life.

  1. The first thing comes down to productivity and planning how you can progress at your own pace.
  2. The second comes down to courage and situational awareness.
  3. The third is personal independence.

To overcome procrastination find out what area you need to work on.

Ask yourself these questions! (That relates to the three areas mentioned above.)

  1. How can I break this task down and make it easier?
  2. What am I afraid of? What’s the worst that can happen if I make the wrong choice? How can I solve that possible outcome in case it comes true?
  3. What do I really want? What do I desire? Feelings, images, moods, actions – what comes into the picture?

Once you answer these questions, you will see where the answers lie within. You already have the solutions in your mind. The question that was hardest to answer probably marks the area you need to work on.

If this is something that you usually do, journal about the ideas, fears and steps that maybe come up. Writing feels like you are already acting because you really do. Thinking and considering moving forward and creating something is brave and valuable. You are on the right track!

Let’s see what you can do after you identified the roots.

To overcome procrastination dive deeper into the causes.

So let’s see what you can do to improve each area and instead of the blocks, you can concentrate on development and action. Let’s not forget that all of these reasons can happen at once and it is also a process to get over all of them.

1. Productivity and planning.

Find out how to move forward in your phase.

I could ramble hours about productivity and planning since this is the part that I am most involved in recently.

Let’s break down the most important things.

Generally, a human being works by frames that our bodies function by. There are rhythms that work inside us naturally. By recognizing these patterns and trusting our bodies and natural functions we can connect to create a more healthy and more longevity productivity system for ourselves.

Put your personal health and natural functions as a priority.

For example, I prioritise my personal life over work. So in my personal life, I have some holidays, family events, rest days like birthdays, Christmas break and Sundays when I know that I never want to work. So these are the first to come into my calendar. Then I know that I am much happier, more motivated and more productive if I do yoga in the morning and have our long lunch break. So I plan my schedule around these activities.

Do not listen to others or what the norm is. If you want to become your own leader and make new and innovative things not many people do, you should not be afraid to plan your own schedule that serves you as well.

Define how you work and communicate it to others as well. Create frameworks that work for you. Say no to tasks and projects that you can not serve the way you want to.

Use Google Calendar, Toggle track or other tools to help you. Or use a simple notebook, as you prefer.

Define success on your own terms. Break down the task to size when the goal starts to excite you again. You are able to do whatever comes to your mind. Focus on making things easier instead of climbing the straight wall in front of you.

Go on I believe in you!

2. Courage and situation awareness.

Courage is needed in every situation that is new. If you want to create something new, start a business or do something that is not the norm of what you usually do then it is going to be risky and scary. But most of the time it is worth doing it.

There are times when a situation causes anxiety. That is different from fear in my experience because it is less obvious and can work even beneath your awareness. When you deal with anxiety it can help to move forward while staying in your comfort zone and working on self-trust first.

To build self-trust and confidence keep the promises set for yourself. Only promise things to yourself that you are actually able to realistically accomplish without any outreach.

For my example, I worked at a 9-5 where I felt miserable and it ruined my confidence. It was a marketing role and I knew I want to build a career in this profession but that place did not support my ambitions at all. It caused me anxiety every day to go into the office and talk with anybody.

So I made a promise to myself to not give up and if not in the role, I will find a way to improve my skills. The easiest least scary thing was to start writing for myself and take photos of things that inspired me. Seeing that I am able to accomplish these goals without any problem made me gain the courage to jump into the scary part where I started to publish these writings and photos on a lifestyle blog. Thad lead me to kick off my career in the right direction.

3. Personal values, desires and motivations.

The most challenging of the three reasons that can help to overcome procrastination is figuring out our personal motivations, whys and directions. It requires a lot of openness and patience for yourself. You need to dive deep into getting to know yourself. If you found the reason why you procrastinate is that someone else pressures you to do things it is time to do a lot of self-reflection.

Self-knowledge is a journey that is different for everybody. I would suggest experimenting and observing yourself in different situations. Challenge yourself and connect to people that bring out the best in you.

This is general advice but this is not something that someone else can tell you how to do. Take the lead and the responsibility in your own hands. Use the resources you have. Learning and connecting to others is easier than ever before thanks to the internet but also use what you have in your physical reach as well. Books, videos, groups, classes, workshops, travel as much as you can and make friendships.


In conclusion how to overcome procrastination

If you are struggling to overcome procrastination, remember it is not a character flaw. Instead, use these negative feelings as a motivating factor—they can serve as fuel to keep you going in the long run. Recognise what is the root of your procrastionation and then work on the field that is the hardest to face. Productivity and planning, courage, situation awareness and self-knowledge of personal values and motivations are the parts that mostly help to get over procrastionation and move forward with your dreams.

I hope this article helps you.

Now I am interested in your points of view.

  • What causes procrastination in your case?
  • How did you overcome procrastination before?

Have a nice day,


If you want to overcome procrastination, know it is not a character flaw. Here are three core factors that help to move forward.

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