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Ways to deal with insecurity as a creative professional

Ways to deal with insecurity as a creative professional

It is normal to deal with insecurity as a creative professional. That is because we sometimes tend to have goals and visions that seem really high, but also we are sensitive and emotional. Combining the two things can easily result in a lack of self-esteem that makes it even harder to reach our goals than it should be. Concentrating on setting realistic goals and breaking them down into smaller tiny pieces can help to build confidence and get on track to build the dream you desire.

Why do we deal with insecurity as creative professionals?

Hello Creative soul,

I have to guess You are here, because

You want more freedom,

You want to do what you love,

You want to leave a mark in the world.

You are at the right place.

It is normal to be insecure at this point.

It is normal to deal with insecurity as a creative professional.

Your vision to reach a higher version of yourself is still a seed. It is like a baby. Many things could grow out of it. It depends on you what you want to do with it.

The variety of possibilities can be overwhelming at first. This tho comes with freedom.

Make friends with opportunities and take your life and dreams into your own hands.

First, calm down and take a breath.

You do not need to choose between all of the things You want in your life and business.

But you do need to decide what should come first, and second in priority.

My advice would be to make decisions about what to do, based on your soul.

(Then approve it with your brain if you want.)

What does it mean to make decisions based on your soul?

It means you need to trust yourself.

Let go and do not listen to others. Do not deal with insecurity generated by external expectations.

What you want is doable. – I already 100% believe in you. ?

Trust your instincts, trust your gut feelings, trust your intuition.

Easier said than done, I know…

How do you build trust with yourself? (- so you can deal with insecurity)

You get to know yourself.

Be open to ways in which you can learn more about yourself.

  • Observe your way of functioning.
    • Get into the habit of taking a breath before reacting to others or outside effects. (For example observe what happens to you in a conflict, or when you read the news.) How does your mood shift, and what has an effect on you? When do you feel good? When do you feel fear?
  • Challenge yourself.
    • Do something that is scary but still doable.
    • Try out new things you wanted to do for a long time.
  • Tap into the feeling of success.
    • If you read this article, there are chances you are insecure to tap into new things. This can come from a lack of success. This does not mean you are not capable to do the things you want. It means you are probably in the wrong environment, where others do not support you and try to bring you down. Think about how to change the circumstances in order to feel successful. – Now it is your choice to put yourself into a situation where you can feel success.
  • Bee your own cheerleader.
    • Keep on the right track! – I know deep down you still believe in yourself. I know it because you are searching for solutions. This means you are on the right track to building up your dreams even if it seems impossible for you.
    • Learn to give yourself positive compliments and affirmations. Instead of negative self-talk, develop a method to protect yourself. That tiny negative sound in your head is non-existent unless you let it hurt you. Speak up against negativity, and protect your vibes. You are trying your best.


Why do we still need to approve our decisions with our brains?

Thinking gives us the feeling of safety.

I do not ask you to jump into anything without thinking.

When being a beginner in a business, you will need to be cautious. Use all of your knowledge, observations and resources you feel the need to use.

Use your brain. – Use your skills and support your decisions with rusted resources and help you need to make the best move.

But also, do not overthink everything… ?

You will come to a point when you will make move fast, based on your instincts. But first practice making decisions that bring you new things safely.

How do you feel now?

I am curious: What is your takeaway?

Leave it as a comment, to help me craft content that supports you!